Acquiring qualified traffic in children’s fashion: How Teads and Artefact are boosting the sales of Petit Bateau ?

As Petit Bateau’s long-term partner in paid social as well as display and programmatic, Artefact’s digital marketing teams know that winter sales are the most important commercial and communication  highlight of the year, a crucial not to be missed event ro achieve the best  performances.

Pursuing a constant objective of recruiting new customers, we recommend mecanisms allowing us to expand the visibility of our activations while conversing a strong affinity with the target Petit Bateau.

To help us guarantee the commercial success of the sales period, we called upon Teads technology in addition to our social networks.

Teads is one of Artefact’s privileged media partner. Our teams work hand in hand to offer premium strategies in a controlled scope to our clients.

The quality inventory, the targeting capabilities and the technological maturity have enabled us to generate quality incremental traffic, which can then be re-addressed on our dynamic retargeting tools.

Without a doubt, the very good results confort us  in choosing Teads for acquisition strategies.

Presentation & Challenge

Iconic brand in children’s fashion, Petit Bateau has grown for over 120 years on the promise of quality and durability made in France.
For the Winter Sales, Petit Bateau was looking to promote its markdowns in a context that is both favourable to e-commerce, but also very competitive.
What’s the objective? To generate qualified visits to its website in order to introduce its offers to an affinity audience, while keeping its profitability under control.


With Artefact, Petit Bateau used Teads’ media platform to target high-potential shoppers in a quality environment, true to the brand’s values. By activating Traffic Acquisition with a Max CPC model, Petit Bateau leveraged Teads’ proprietary AI to attract the most qualified consumers, while being assured of respecting its performance objectives.

  • Single Image and Social Display Formats
  • Teads universal pixel placement
  • Optimisation of click-through rate and cost per click, time spent on site, page views & bounce rate.
  • Qualified traffic on site

Découvrez les formats Single Image et Social Display


  • 2min average time on the website

  • 2.6 pages visited on average

  • < 0,25€ eCPC

  • < 3,4€ eCPV (post consent)

  • 0,5% click-through rate

  • < 64% bounce rate

“Sales are an important stake for Petit Bateau, this period is not necessarily conducive to qualified traffic (very competitive). However, the campaign led by Teads shows us that the choice of targeting and the placement of messages can make a difference, which allowed us to generate qualified traffic on Petit Bateau and make this operation a success.”
Elsa APARICIO, International Acquisition Manager, Petit Bateau